The Preamble to the WarEdit

The Galactic Civil war was a 4 year conflict that began at the end of the Clone Wars and ended after the Battle of the Ancients. Began directly after the Jedi Purge

The CombatantsEdit

The two combatants of the War were the New Galactic Empire and the Alliance of Republic and Rebel Systems or the Rebel Alliacne.

The Empire's Strength/WeaknessesEdit








-Dark Side Powers

-Massive Armoda


-Low Morale

-Low Public support

-Lack of Infostructure

-Less veriaty among ranks

-spread thin due to size

The Rebel Alliance's Strengths/WeaknessesEdit




-Hidden Bases

-Moderate Fleets

-Vast Spy networks

-Light Side Powers

-Master Yoda


-Low Numbers

-Lack of industry

-Low Tech Levels

-Lack of land vehicles

-Loses on the defensive often

Battles of ImportanceEdit

-The Storming of Luna (Imperial Victory)


Rebels: 7000 Rebels, 2000 Clones, 5 Jedi, 1 Jedi General

Empire: 90000 Droids, and 40 Sith, and 1 Sith Lord


Rebels: Devastating

Empire: Severe

-The Battle for the End (Imperial Victory)


Rebels: 500 Clone Rebels 15 Jedi and Mace Windu

Empire: 11000 Stormtroopers, and 10 Sith, and 2 Sith Lords


Rebels: All Dead

Empire: Very Light

-The Battle of the Temple (Imperial Victory)


Rebels: 12000 Rebel Soldiers, 2 Jedi

Empire: 100000 Stormtroopers, 2 Sith Lords


Rebels: Devestating

Empire: Very Heavy

-The Battle of Point Alpha (Imperial Victory)


Rebels: 10000 Rebel Soldiers, 200 Rebel Clones, and 10 Jedi, 1 Jedi General

Empire: 30000 Stormtroopers, 4 Sith, 2 Sith Lords


Rebels: Severe

Empire: Severe

-The Battle for The Sith Stronghold (Rebel Victory)


Rebels: 30000 Rebel Soldiers, 20000 Rebel Clones, 100 Rebel Wookies, 45 Jedi, 1 Jedi General

Empire: 10000 Stormtroopers, 3000 Stormscouts, 1000 Storm Elites, 55 Sith, Neve the dragon, and 1 Sith Lord


Rebels: Heavy

Empire: Devestating

-The Battle of Fates (Imperial Victory)


Rebels: 30000 Rebel Clones, 10000 Rebel Soldiers, 700 Rebel Wookies, 100 Jedi Knights, 1 Jedi General

Empire: 200000 Stormtroopers, 300 Sith, Unkown number of droids, 1 Sith Lord


Rebels: Devestating

Empire: Severe

The End of the WarEdit

The War ended with a sith victory after the Jedi General Joe's defeat and death the Rebels gave up and peace reigned in the empire until the Death of Darth Villius 500 years later.